The Journey So Far

A while ago we asked ourselves a question, what do we do today that truly impacts the sustainability of human life and this planet? If we do nothing - are we contributing to the death of this beautiful planet and its species? We were once asked what success means to us, we responded by saying:


"We will measure our success by the legacy we leave behind. A legacy that impacts the life of humans, the planet and it’s amazing species".


18 months ago, we had our ‘light bulb’ moment. Right in front of our eyes, we saw a rubbish bin being filled with recyclable and biodegradable product – we saw the outcome of a tick box exercise being executed. All of this product was going to end up in landfill and not in the advertised and promised recycling centres.


At UniGreen we decided to create a concept that would change the beginning and be future proof for when we become responsible and efficient at recycling. A concept that would at least make an effort to change how we approach recycling and show that we are open to alternative sources. By beginning we mean; let’s find a super-efficient, renewable source that could replace paper and plastic products without compromising cost or quality.

With that in mind, we could reduce the number of trees being harvested and reduce the amount of plastic being dumped into landfill and our oceans. We realised people do love this planet but can’t afford to pay more to protect it. We thought about engaging with people in a way that made them feel part of a truly green initiative, one that did not involve cutting down trees, but financially incentivised them to support our closed loop recycling programme.


A little further down the road, UniGreen was born. After months of planning, coming up with ideas and finalising product specifications we are finally ready to introduce UniGreen to the public. So here we are, take a look around the website, connect with us on social media and drop us an email on our contact page if UniGreen is something you feel might be of interest to you. We'd love to hear from you!



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